Wolf Hunting near Chapleau Ontario

Wolves are found just about everywhere in Ontario. The Gray Timber Wolf is the most common. Wolves are smart and very cautious and basically there are only two seasons when you will have a chance to harvest one of these magnificent creatures.

Fall: In the fall, it is common for a wolf to show up at our bear bait stations. Black Bear hunters only need to buy a small game license to be eligible to take a wolf. In the spring, the wolf pack breaks up and the wolves become solitary with exception of the alpha male and alpha female, which stick together. The wolves do not get back together until late fall. It is important not to harvest a wolf if you see two together in the fall. This would be the alpha pair and their survival is crucial in order to be able to bring the pack together again for winter pack hunting. Without the pack together, the wolves would survive the winter.

Winter: In the winter, you can see wolf tracks in areas where moose and other wildlife are moving. The wolves will be found at the shore of a lake but well hidden. They wait until a moose wanders out onto the ice and then it's a full attach. They are not always on the edge of a lake. You just need a guide who knows where the moose are moving and that's where you set up to target wolves.

Please contact us early about wolf hunting as some preparation is involved.