Chapleau Area Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lakes

There are very few Smallmouth Bass in Big Pine Lake. Guests do come across them once in a while but they are rare.

With exception of Big Pine Lake, Smallmouth Bass are actually quite common in other area lakes. Within a 45-minute drive of camp are several lakes, which have outstanding Smallmouth Bass fishing including other species such as Walleye, Pike and Lake Trout.

Because we are so far north, the growing season is a little shorter thus Smallmouth Bass rarely get over 5 pounds. They are quite common in the 1 to 3 pound range. The lakes in the area are rocky and cool thus Smallmouth Bass taste awesome and fight extra hard. A 1.5-pound Smallmouth Bass tastes just like Walleye, especially if they are deep-fried in English Style Batter or Japaneese Tempura Batter.