Moose Hunting near Chapleau Ontario

The wilderness region between Chapleau and Wawa is well known for being one of the top areas in Ontario for fishing and big game hunting.

Our Moose hunt takes place in WMU 32 and WMU 35. This is one of the top regions for Moose hunting due to the absence of deer. Whitetail Deer are carriers of a parasite that is deadly to Moose. A high population of deer usually means a low population of Moose. We do not have any deer in our area or at least you can say they are very rare. As a result, we have a thriving Moose population in our WMU.

All the lakes and rivers combined with marshes and fresh grasses growing in logged areas have created a perfect habitat for Moose. Not only can they be found in great numbers, meat from our Moose taste better than in the far north because they do not sustain themselves solely on pine needles. In our area they have grass, leaves and bark from young softwood trees. If your Moose is hung quickly and field dressed correctly, you will be able to fill your freezer up with meat that taste like high-grade free-range beef.

The Moose in our area are known as the Eastern Strain. Bulls can reach 1300 pounds or even more but it's very rare to see Moose in the 1500-pound range. The Chapleau area is also known for White Moose, which is referred to as the Armstrong Strain. Law protects them but it's still a great thrill to spot one.

The amount of Bull Moose and Cow Moose tags, which are available each year, changes due to the Moose population assessment conducted by the MNR. Please contact us for availability of non-resident adult tags. Residents with their own tags are more than welcome to rent a cabin.