Grouse Hunting near Chapleau, Ontario

Grouse hunting is a relaxing pastime, which is getting more and more popular every year. What is more rewarding then taking a long walk on a cool fall day and wandering through the wilderness and enjoying the fall foliage? The clean air and exercise combined with the thrill of the hunt makes for the most enjoyable vacation.

The region around Big Pine Lake is a labyrinth of animal trails, ATV trails and old logging roads where you can explore miles and miles of wilderness, which is just stuffed with grouse. You can also combine your grouse hunting with the excellent fishing.

There are three species of grouse found in Ontario. Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse and the Sharptail Grouse. Ruffed Grouse is the most common and 90% of the grouse you encounter will Ruffed. There is still a chance to harvest on of the other species. The limit for grouse in Ontario is 5 per day in any combination of species with a total of 15 in your possession.

The most popular guns for Grouse hunting are a.410 or 20 gauges. Some hunters use a 12 gauge. Solid Hunter Orange is required if your hunting time overlaps big game rifle season.