Welcome to Four Seasons Guiding & Camp

We are a small camp located on Big Pine Lake, which is between Chapleau and Wawa, Ontario. We specialize in Outstanding Walleye Fishing and Northern Pike Fishing as well as Black Bear Hunting, Wolf Hunting, Grouse Hunting and Moose Hunting.

Northern Pike & Walleye Fishing:

Big Pine Lake is a remote lake with no settlement so it receives very little fishing pressure. Big Pine Lake is a labyrinth of bays and islands with many diverse structures that hold good populations of fish and allow them to proliferate in great numbers. As a result, our guests enjoy outstanding Walleye Fishing with good eating sizes right up to unusually large trophies with some over 10 pounds. We also have perfect structure for Northern Pike. Pike are common in the 3 to 6-pound range but guests who specifically fish for Pike usually pick up a couple over 40 inches with many in the high 40s. There are also other lakes and streams near the camp where you can get easy access to outstanding Smallmouth Bass, Brook Trout and fishing.

Black Bear Hunting Hunting:

The Chapleau area is well known for being the best area for Black Bear Hunting in Canada. There is actually an over-population of Black Bears in Ontario and guests are enjoying an unusually high success rate. There is also a high population of Moose in the area. Logging has opened up new grasslands, which allows the Moose to feed on their favorite food and grow in numbers as well as get big. Wolf hunting and Grouse hunting packages are also available.

Family Cottage Rentals:

We also rent our cottages to families who just want to spend their vacation on a lake and have many activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, Blue Berry picking, wildlife viewing and much more.

Please contact us with any questions.

Your Host: Cam Robitaille
Cell: (705) 297-0653
Email: dockcam1@gmail.com