Chapleau Area Lake Trout Fishing Lakes

There are no Lake Trout in Big Pine Lake but there are a handful of lakes in the area with really good Lake Trout fishing.

Lake Trout is one of those fish, which has a ton of folklore surrounding them. Many people are not interested in fishing for Lake Trout because the traditional methods of fishing with steel wire are not appealing. If you have a large boat that cannot troll slowly then you will need downriggers or steel wire line. If you have a small fishing boat that can back-troll slowly, then you can use our light tackle techniques to get the trout any time of year.

Lake Trout in the area are common in the 1 to 4 pound range. Lake Trout do get big and it's not uncommon for guests to catch trout as big as 15 pounds. There are bigger trout. Depending on the size of the lake, Lake Trout can reach 25 pounds or more but trout that big are usually rare.