Fall 2010 - Here some pictures of a moose I played with last Sunday morning.:

I watch him for a while to see if there was a cow with calf that might showed up. After about 20 minutes he went back into the woods. That's when I started my moose calling. It did not take long for him to show back up. That is when I started to take some pictures of this bull walking the shore across the lake toward me. Then he disappeared back in the wood heading toward a narrow to swim across. I could not see him at this point but could hear him entering the water. At the same time I could hear other moose behind me back where my truck was park, which was about 50 yard away. I walked back toward the truck to see what was there but did not see anything so I rushed back down an ATV trail toward the lake and came face-to-face with this bull moose.

He was less than 10 yard away. He let out this afoul grunt and sounded very upset at me. Being so close was dangerous and you cant predict what a bull moose might do so I walk back to the truck with him following me. He was right on my foot steps grunting at me the whole way back to my truck. I got to the truck with him still right behind me. I jump into the back of the truck and sat on my ATV and took more pictures. My camera ran out of memory so I was trying to figure out how to delete some pictures. At this point this moose's head is over the hood of my truck. We started staring at each other right in the eye. I had to keep both my eyes on him because you never know what they will do. A moose will charge at any time and he looked like he was just about to do that. It was time for me to start talking slow and low so he doesn't charge. Eventually he back off a little and walk to right of the truck but still staring at me. Then he walk off into the bush. I just love this kind of encounter. My hunting buddies say am crazy.